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Generate Generous Joy

A Path To Wholeness - by Rishi Jones

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Welcome... a unique interpretation and practice for wholeness.

My name is Rishi Damien Jones, and I've discovered several powerful things:

It's possible to generate a lot more joy in our lives than we currently experience. Through some simple practices we can access far greater attunement with ourselves and with the outer world. 

Eckhart Tolle talks about the Power of Now, and Ram Dass shared pathways to Be Here Now.  When we're not in the Now, present to the moment, we are in Time: in mind, hopes and aspirations, past or future, or somewhere in the systems and ideas of the world. We see the world out there and all the things in it as separate, incomplete, disconnected and broken, and we feel the same way about ourselves.

But if we can interpret the Outer Body as one whole organism, then we have a way for our Inner Body to come into true relation with it, and we can shift our behavior towards it because we are dealing with one coherent system instead of zillions of separate bits. We become more complete as does our experience of Joy. Our actions shift and we become more effective in the world, both in our development and expression of our gifts, and in receiving the abundance of the Universe.

Explore the videos and articles on this site to learn a simple and refreshing method for deepening your wholeness. And if you're ready to make this practice a part of your life, try our online course!

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