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About Rishi Jones

Creator of Generate Generous Joy

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Rishi Damien Jones has spent the past 30 years in self development to serve humanity through his unique gifts - contributing healing, meaning and beauty to our evolving tapestry.  After leaving a 15 year career in Industrial Design to pursue his calling as a professional sculptor, he has brought hundreds of evocative pieces into the world and his work is owned and celebrated by some of the biggest names in spiritual development. This has facilitated his exploration of dozens of different pathways to optimize human experience, including transformational courses, plant medicine ceremonies, meditations, therapies, yoga, and a whole lot more.  Through these he's discovered the simplest yet deeply effective ways to reestablish our full Sovereignty, Value and Wholeness, coming home to our authentic selves. 


Now he teaches the powerful paradigms, modalities and practices that have contributed to his growth, so that others may benefit from them. It's his greatest joy to share these valuable offerings with you.

About: About

I was born with an innate curiosity and intelligence. Math and science felt natural to me, and school came easy. I found myself able, with a deep fascination and joy, to comprehend the workings of the Universe. I had a strong desire to contribute to the world through my intellectual understanding, but being a bit distanced from people by my geeky nature, I had challenges interfacing with my human companions, acting awkwardly and making decisions out of alignment with my true interest.

Having worked as an engineer, my mind was trained to solve problems, and the greatest problem I was stuck on was the nature of duality itself -- that we experience ourselves as completely separate from all other things..

I knew I needed to be happier and more whole. In 2008 I discovered the first revolutionary practice: The Outer Body Paradigm. This simple idea showed me the ultimate Truth which is that there is a connection between all things that most of us almost never perceive, but by looking thru this lens certain things come into focus, eventually yielding undeniable proof that we are part of some larger whole. 


I knew I had found a treasure to be shared with the world, but the challenge became to understand how to connect and convey this to people in a way that truly benefits and translates, engaging their desires for worldly success and inner peace and sovereignty while providing a simple and practical path.

I began to formulate a language to help others connect more deeply with their Sovereign Value and become more present in their bodies, lives and communities. Other practices fell into place and became a clear path to awakening to our true nature. This path leads us through healing our traumas, returning to the wholeness of our holy bodies, and discovering the best ways our passions and talents can serve the greater good. By attuning ourselves to our inner and outer bodies, we generate generous joy.

This program is the culmination of my search. I am eager to share my discoveries with the world, so that we may all heal and claim our rightful power and purpose. 

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