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Generate Generous Joy

In just four weeks you'll learn a simple but potent path to feeling whole in your being with simple and exhilarating instructional videos outlining:

  • First week: A deep dive into the Outer Body Paradigm and a clear method for shifting the way your world treats you.

  • Second week: A simple meditative breathing practice known as Hearthing. 

  • Third week: A cool somatic practice for rapidly releasing built up emotion and energy, and becoming more present to your body.

  • Fourth week: An evocative practice to bring together the Outer and Inner Bodies and experience wholeness.


A handbook to download or view online.

A group in which to connect with and learn from others on the same path.

100% money back guarantee.

Get started today.

Activate Joy Now!

  • Online Course

    Wholeness, Sovereignty, Freedom & Joy
    • Four instructional videos
    • Downloadable handbook
    • Community and group experiences
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