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Your world consists of an Inner Body and an Outer Body: everything inside your skin, and everything outside your skin. The Inner Body and the Outer Body are in relationship with each other through your personality/identity, bridged by the actions you choose to take. Amplify the LOVE frequency in these actions, and you will experience the positive feedback!


The Outer Body consists of all things and beings that exist outside your skin. Essentially, it’s the entire Universe minus you and your Inner Body, everything that you experience as “not me”.

When we perceive the world, most of the time we see separate events and things with no apparent interconnection between them. 

The consequence is that we experience a universe where everything is separate including ourselves. We see everything as separate trees, and cannot see the forest.

By naming everything outside ourselves as the Outer Body, we create a forest for all the trees.

This allows us to create a relationship with that, and discover how this relationship operates.

If you amplify your Love signal, your Outer Body notices and sends you the resources to do more of that, in the form of synchronicities, financial support, knowledge and information, personal connections etc.

We can prove this by experimenting with changing our behavior consistently over time and noticing the results. It’s not necessary to entirely change one’s behavior, simply doing one act of kindness a day is sufficient.

The Outer Body responds to our actions: shift your behavior and you will see a shift in how the Outer Body treats you!

The more you amplify the Love signal inherent in all the actions you take, the greater your impact and the greater the dividends returned.


The Inner Body is the world inside your skin.

This is the inner landscape of emotions, feelings, thoughts, hopes and aspirations, memories and unsolved problems, and also the physical, biological human organism.

This experience of ourselves is often colored by incompleteness and disconnection due to too much of our attention consumed by the mind, with little attention given to our body.

Our bodies are whole and complete, and by regularly attuning our attention to it we can experience our innate wholeness. An hourly practice of bringing focused attention to a particular spot in the body builds Inner Body awareness over time, bringing with it natural experience of wholeness, fullness, sovereignty and joy.

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